The Church Calendar tells the Gospel story through four movements

God with Us

Nov. 30th – Feb. 13th

Advent through Epiphany reminds us that God is not a God who is far away but who is with His people.

God for Us

Feb. 14th – Apr. 4th

The season of Lent through Easter reminds us that God is not an angry God out to get us but that He is for us.

God in Us

Apr. 5th – May 20th

Between Eastertide and Pentecost we are reminded of the coming of the Holy Spirit and that God is in us.

God through Us

May 21st – Dec. 1st

Ordinary Time is anything but ordinary. It reminds us that God works through His Church and His people.

Additional Resources:

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Calendar – Import the church Calendar into your phone or computer calendar. (We are in year B)

Lectio Divina – A guide to the ancient practice of divine reading.  Use by yourself or with your H2H/Gospel Community/family

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