Here are the sample prayers used this past Sunday as we were studying the Lord’s prayer from Matthew 6. These examples come from my prayer time for the Trademark body this past week.- PJ

Practice: Learning to Pray- Praying all 6 for yourself (Example prayer)

Character:Father, impart in my heart a deep trust in your Character and Love for me. You are in heaven and I am not, you are God and I am not. Today I release control and trust you. May your name be glorified in me today”

Kingdom: “Father you are the perfect King, today I submit to your rule and reign in my life. May your will be done, may heaven meet earth today in my life. “

Provision: “Father today I depend on you. Provide for my emotional, Physical and Spiritual needs. All that I have comes from you… Father I need you today”

Forgiveness: ”Father, forgive me for my sins. Forgive my distrust, worship of other things, seeking my pleasure above your will… Father may I be quick to forgive because I have been forgiven”

Guidance: “Father I need your guidance and leadership. I am prone to wonder, lead me in paths of righteousness. Where you lead I will go, lead me today.

Protection: “Father protect me from the evil one and his attacks on the kingdom in my life. Father I stand in your grace and protection alone”.


Praying all 6 for someone else (Example prayer)

Friend in need, Family member, someone who far from God, Syrian refugees…

Learning to pray for them-

Character: God I pray that________ would know you as their perfect Father who loves and controls all things

Kingdom: Father may your Kingdom come in  _______ life, as it it in heaven and my they feel your presence today

Provision: Father provide exactly what _________ needs today and let them know you see them

Forgiveness: Father let _____be aware of the forgiveness you offer and may they seek your forgiveness today

Guidance: Father lead _________ in your righteousness and keep them from self-destruction

Protection:  Father Protect _______ from the attacks of the evil one and help them to trust you today

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