Gospel Communities

Imagine a community of Jesus followers that lived as family, they cared for each other, they shared their stuff (like tools, talents, meals,etc). This family supported each other, prayed for each other and learned to follow Jesus together by living life together. This family also had a joint mission that was bigger than themselves. They served together in partnership with a local nonprofit or through adopting an environmental project like cleaning up table rock or something like river sweep. Maybe this family lived in the same area of town and served local widows by taking care of their yard or pushing snow. Just imagine a community that were committed together to be more than just people that went to the same church but a community of faith that followed Jesus in the everyday life. This is the kind of community that we are talking about when we say Gospel community.
But not everyone that comes on Sunday to Trademark is in a Gospel community. Some are still checking us out and others are not at a place in their life that they can commit to a community. Some are still trying to figure out who Jesus is and if they want to follow Him. All are welcome.

If you would like more info on Gospel communities, where they meet, and how to get plugged in, shoot us an email at info@trademarkchurch.com. We would love to hear from you!

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